Eddie Jobson: with an update regarding the current Ultimate UK Box Set project

Docker's Guild: The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past release details announced

Kadinja: "Dominique" with Pierre Danel - Guitar and Drums playthrough

Júlio Stotz: Essence Of Thought - Synth soloing

Zachary Rea, Mark D'Ambrosio: The Sky's Window - ambient electronic metal from Grand Junction

Hatch: Roland E-A7 - Woodwinds Demo

Masahiro Sayama: You Look Good To Me

Jordan Rudess: GeoShred - Christmas Time is Here

Totemtag: Crystals - About the beauty of minerals and crystals.

Europe: US tour dates 2016 to feature Gabbie Rae

Dream Theater: has announced new tour dates for a momentous European tour

Valentina Lisitsa: Tchaikovsky Children's Album Детский альбом , Op. 39

Totemtag: Winter Solstice Electronic Rock

Tangerine Dream: Christmas Greetings

Pendragon: Year in review and 2016 tour dates

State of Serenity: Aether & Echo featuring Pierre Danel of Kadinja

Power Prog: announce special free download of Rock World by Various Artists

Veil Of Maya: Aeris - Featuring Natsumi Suzuki - professional djent

Jordan Rudess: GeoShred The Shred Awakens

Mistheria: OPX-PRO II ME - Keytar lead test - Mistheria Edition

Tegmentum: Tending Towards Catharsis - djent progressive metal from San Francisco

Korg Krome lead sounds

StarSystems: StarSystems II - progressive ambient djent from the United Kingdom

Paul Lawler: Contagion by Arcane available on bandcamp

Jordan Rudess: GeoShred: The Future of Shredding...No Strings Attached

Totemtag: A Flash of Genius - A tribute to the great Genius of inventor Nikola Tesla.

Lalle Larsson: Electric Trio - Live at Progressive Circus, Helsingborg 2014 (audio)

Tonick Dizain: Leda guitar playthroughs - Far East Dizain 1 and 2 - progressive Djent from Japan

News: Porter & Davies Gear On Lianna La Havas Tour With Jay Sikora, Drums & James Wyatt, Keyboards

Leah: working on new song and Facebook fan page

Textures: New Horizons playthrough - from the new album Phenotype - progressive djent from Tilburg, Netherlands

Matt Marantz, Sean Wayland: ewi versus keyboard impro

Whitesnake: three classics from Genting Arena Birmingham 2015

Plini, Heavy Metal Ninjas: announce Aussie show dates

Mystery: Delusion Rain - This is a prog album of quality and class

The Drought: "Prairie Village" Practical Music School Piano & Saxophone Festival in Seoul

Júlio Stotz: Dark Ravishing Energy Playing rock / metal with keyboards | piano & synth lead | Korg Krome 61

Totemtag: The Perfect Balance - Berlin School

Sinhyewon, Gimtaeyeon, Yijuwo: "New York State Of Mind" Practical Music School Piano & Saxophone Festival in Seoul

Yiminju: "Melodies Of Love" Practical Music School Piano & Sax Festival in Seoul

Good Tiger: A Head Full Of Moonlight - $45,980USD raised on

Dream Theater: The Astonishing Box Bundle limited edition

Fallen Abyss: Guitar Playthrough - progressive djent riffs from Grenoble France

Change Of Loyalty: Breathtaker - progressive metalcore from St. Petersburg

Sidney Sablier: As A Forest, As An Ocean - guitar playthrough - tasty progressive djent

Saga: Wind Him Up and On the Loose - Cruise to the Edge 2015

Steve Rothery: Morpheus and Easter from Cruise to the Edge 2015