Edgar Froese: Article published by Prog Magazine.

Prog Magazine has published a new article to it's website entitled Remembering Edgar Froese. It was written by Greg Moffitt and a short clip is given below:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Edgar in 2012 and told him how much his music meant to me and so many others. Regaling him with the title ‘Godfather of Electronica’, however, elicited an amused and slightly bemused response:
“I don’t know which box to put that one in!” he laughed. “The box of honour or the box of jokes! I really don’t know. But we’ve never been an electronic band. We are not electronic musicians; we were using electronic equipment to create something new within the community of progressive rock musicians.”
I had to admit to myself that by this point Edgar was looking frail, but the interview couldn’t have gone better and he left me with a profound thought. A notion that confirmed something I instinctively knew about his approach to music, and life:
“One thing you should know,” he intoned, “music can and will change human consciousness. It won’t change the hardened criminals who rule countries and their citizens, but I still feel close to the ideal of human development, to reach the community which realizes that building weapons and killing people – or even animals – is a kind of Stone Age evil which has to be overcome. It works against all of mankind. Whether you’re for it or against it, it will kill everybody sooner or later. Stone age consciousness… that’s what I would love to get out of. We are not billions of people, we are all one.”
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