Edgar Froese: Klaus Schulze pays tribute.

Legendary electronic musician Klaus Schulze has posted the following tribute to the recently departed Edgar Froese. Klaus worked with Edgar in an early incarnation of Tangerine Dream.

Even if we have seen us just rarely during the last 45 years - since the days of early Tangerine Dream we went separate ways musically - I still remember old pal Edgar with a friendly, yes: warm-hearted feeling. The last chance encounter was backstage at the Loreley festival during a warm summer night in 2008, where we both had performed, independently.

I also remember some amusing moments, somewhere, at some time in the eighties or nineties, when we smilingly "came to terms" that T.D. will get the America market, and I will get the European :-) Yes, Edgar had also (often a dry) humour. Or, take this, from an interview with Edgar in a German music magazine in 2007: Froese: "Mit Klaus hatte ich sicher seit über zehn Jahren keinen Kontakt mehr, aber vielleicht treffe ich ihn eines Tages im Hospiz, wo wir uns dann die Schnabeltasse an den Kopf werfen und mit unseren Pampers-Einlagen Schlitten fahren wollen." Means: "With Klaus I had no contact for more than ten years, but when we're old one day, maybe I'll meet him in a hospice, where we will throw feeding cups to our heads, and toboggan on our own diapers." Yes, Eddie could be very cheerful, sometimes. We laughed a lot.