Edgar Froese: Peter Baumann posts his respects.

The following message has been posted to the official Tangerine Dream fan by the admin. Its from ex-Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann:

January 30th 2015
San Francisco
To Edgar,
From the moment we met in Berlin in 1971 it was clear to me that you were an extraordinary person. You never wasted any words, but when you said something it had a depth and richness I rarely encountered anywhere else. Edgar, you became my musical soul mate.
In one way or another your presence in my life has influenced and shaped everything I was involved in, both musically and philosophically. Your deep and calm power touched everyone as soon as they met you. Somehow you didn’t play by the normal rules, your music and your thinking where beyond the mundane, your mind was always focused beyond the ordinary. Edgar, your life and impact on others will be remembered and felt for decades to come.
I miss you dearly,