Ghost Community: New progressive rock group announced.

Five seasoned prog veterans have gathered in a new band named Ghost Community.
Vocalist Marc Atkinson (Riversea, solo), guitarist Simon Rogers (Also Eden), bassist Matthew Cohen (The Reasoning), keyboardist Moray Macdonald (Godsticks, Crimson Sky) and drummer Jake Bradford-Sharp (The Reasoning, Echochain) have begun work on their debut album.
They say: “With much crisscrossing the country through the years, sharing the same stages, frequenting the same scene and forging firm friendships, the only natural evolutionary step was to form a collaborative and exciting musical entity.
“We realised that we all touched bases on many musical levels. With the wealth of experience we bring to the table, we can make this band something that not only meets our own musical desires – but a band for everyone.”
They explain their name by saying: “As we go about our business in our daily lives, we cross paths with individuals who exist merely as voices at the end of a digital connection. We travel the globe passing though borders, and making eye contact with their gatekeepers – and yet these moments are fleeting. With the ever-increasing prominence of social media channels, we impart information to and share details with hundreds, if not thousands, of strangers every day.
“In a fast-moving world we sometimes forget the one thing that truly holds everything together: people. These people are the ‘ghosts’ that make up our community. Without each other, what do we have? This is the Ghost Community. This is our community. This is your community. In it, we all stand together.”
More details will be made available via the band’s website and Facebook page.