Jon Anderson: Posts an audio stream detailing the musical journey of his life.

Jon Anderson has released a 40-minute audio documentary in which he explores the musical journey of his life.
The former Yes frontman discusses how he was inspired by classical composers including Mozart, Delius and Greig, saying of Stravinsky: “I wanted to know how he did that – how did he manage to put all that together? I began playing piano.”
He continues by talking about his adventures in Indonesia and China, discovering a gamelan music school, explorations in Bali and other journeys.
Reflecting on how one’s music will last far beyond one’s life, Anderson says he’d love it if, some time in the future, a group of young musicians get together and say: “Let’s do what Yes did – let’s play their music and see what it would sound like now. That would be cool.”
The Mysteries Of Music documentary includes Yes masterpiece Awaken along with many samples of music that’s meant something to him over the years.