Lonely Robot: Pre-orders of debut album to receive a signed greetings card.

Burning Shed are offering a signed greetings card (while stocks last) with pre-orders of the debut album from Lonely Robot which is due out on the 23rd February 2015!

Lonely Robot is the new project from producer, guitarist and vocalist John Mitchell (Kino, It Bites, Frost*, Arena).

Backed by a rhythm section of Nick Beggs on bass and Craig Blundell on drums, other guests include Steve Hogarth, Nik Kershaw, Heather and Jem Godfrey (Frost*).

Mitchell comments, "With Lonely Robot, I have a clean slate and that's very exciting, because nobody expects anything in particular. It reminds me a lot of how things were when the Kino album was done, in that no-one knew what would come out of it. Musically, the Lonely Robot album is very Proggy, but more about atmosphere than technical expertise.'

Comes with a signed greeting card while stocks last.

Pre-order for 23rd February release.
1. Airlock (3:55)
2. God vs Man (5:40)
3. The Boy In The Radio (4:49)
4. Why Do We Stay? (5:10)
5. Lonely Robot (8:07)
6. A Godless Sea (5:26)
7. Oubliette (5:19)
8. Construct/Obstruct (5:46)
9. Are We Copies? (6:17)
10. Humans Being (5:36)
11. The Red Balloon (2:01)

Bonus tracks:

12. Humans Being (Ambient Mix) (5:28)
13. Why Do We Stay? (Piano Mix) (5:14)
14. A Godless Sea (Ocean Mix) (5:28) 

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