Node: Tickets available for first concert in 15 years.

Legendary electronic music band Node will be playing at the Royal College Of Music on the 27th February. Full details below:

8:30pm | 27 February 2015 | Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

Flood, Ed Buller, Mel Wesson, David Bessell electronics

We're delighted to host the first performance for 15 years by analogue electronic quartet Node.

Node is: sonic legend and maverick record producer Flood, record producer and composer Ed Buller, Hollywood sound designer and soundtrack composer Mel Wesson and Dr David Bessell, academic composer and audio researcher. Performing on an extremely rare collection of vintage analogue synthesizers, their music ranges from dense textural atmospheres to minimal evolving rhythms via the soundtrack to some long forgotten sci-fi film.

Playing entirely live on instruments which look more like the set of Dr Who than a musical ensemble, Node conjures a startling array of unclassifiable sounds from their electronic laboratory.

Not to be missed!

Tickets: £30

To order tickets go here: