Perge: Matthew Stringer announces new solo album

Perge man Matthew Stringer has posted the following message:

Greetings, Matthew here!

It's been a while since we posted about new music, forgive us if it created any speculation about what was happening next.

I'd like to let it be known about a new project from Perge Music that will be released next month.

But first, if you'll forgive me, a little personal background -

Before joining Perge I used to write under the handle 'Dream Conspiracy', playing and recording a bunch of stuff over a 20 year period that culminated in the 2011 album 'Your World is but One', it was this record that caught Graham's attention, this led to those initial conversations where the idea for Perge was first discussed. I knew of him from the EM scene and the excellent Retrochet series and was confident we could do something interesting, maybe even great!

After 6 releases I'm proud of the music we've made so far, however I thought it would be good to step out of the PERGE project for a bit and make a sequel to YWibO
I've spent the last 8 months putting it together and I'm rather proud of it.
It comprises of 7 new pieces, the finale 'Air' was co-written with Graham and features some of his killer sequencing.

Anyway I'll shut up now, the next Perge (Music) release 'The Second Sun' will be available on CDr & download from our Bandcamp store from Friday the 13th of February. I really hope you enjoy it.

If you listen to the EM show on Radio Happy tomorrow evening it'll be your first chance to hear a track from it.

Thanks as always for your continued support for our music, it really is quite awesome!