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- - - b o o t s o r b o a t s ? - - -

This was for years a small item in E-News where I could reflect on some of the things that happens around me and Electronic music. I haven't made one in years but this week I received a CD release with remarks in a booklet on which I can not resist in commenting on!!

It said that the entire music on the CD was made: With out "Coputers" (yes that was really what was written down!) and Sequencers. And that al was done with just musical skills in the traditional way!

As if Computers (if he had used correction software on a Computer!!  it might have prevented the :Coputer error!!) and Sequencers are a bad thing! They are not, they are mainly tools to make music. Be it bad or good!! Put a "bad" musician (and as a matter of fact what is a bad musician??) behind a computer and it still could be horrible music!! Give a "bad" musician a sequencer and it can still be rubbish!

These remarks on certain EM CD's are so lame IMHO because it means nothing. If a bookkeeper where still using a pencil and a piece of paper to do his calculations I think I would go for a modern one with good software and computer skills! I am sure that the error margin using software and a computer would greatly improved the book balancing for many accountants!! (or typing errors on booklets!!) I know it is Apples and Oranges (okay Mac's and PC's) between bookkeepers and Musicians but both can benefit from the same modern technologies available!!

Computers and Sequencers are just tools, a means to an end!! It is still the individual musician that will make music that one will like or dislike!  And even that is a discussion on its own. What is good music!!
So please all you great Virtuosos out there that are looking down on us Sequencer and Computer users, take your time to delve into that world and you might discover that even YOU!! can benefit from them.

It might even broaden your views on how you can make and produce music. Because these "Traditional means" that are always hallowed where once also  new and despised by the so called genius musicians of that time!! you can send your remarks, threads and comments In this weeks E-News