Sonata Arctica: Announce new South American live dates.

Final dates added for the Latin-American part of the Pariah's Child World Tour 2015!
After some changes, adding shows here and there and working hard
to make everything fit:
Here’s the final routing for the Latin-American part of the Pariah’s Child World Tour.
There will be no more dates added for this part. See you all out there!!!
21/02/2015 - Complexo Armazem, Fortaleza (Brasil)
22/02/2015 - International do Recife, Recife (Brasil)
24/02/2015 - Tatau Show Club, Manaus (Brasil)
26/02/2015 - Mirage Eventos, Limeira (Brasil)
27/02/2015 - CE Pedro Bortolosso, Osasco (Brasil)
28/02/2015 - Aquarius Rock Bar, São Paulo (Brasil)
01/03/2015 - Music Hall, Belo Horizonte (Brasil)
03/03/2015 - Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
05/03/2015 - Music Hall, Curitiba (Brasil)
06/03/2015 - Bar Opiniao, Porto Alegre (Brasil)
08/03/2015 - El Teatro, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
11/03/2015 - Centro de Eventos Chimkowe, Santiago (Chile)
13/03/2015 - Estadio Rock and Soccer, Antofagasta (Chile)
15/03/2015 - TBA, La Paz (Bolivia)
18/03/2015 - TBA, Lima (peru)
19/03/2015 - Teatro Metropol, Bogotá (Colombia)
21/03/2015 - Cafe Iguana, Monterrey (Mexico)
22/03/2015 - TBA, Mexicocity (Mexico)