Tangerine Dream: Bernhard Beibl pays tribute.

Guitarist Bernhard Beibl has posted the following tribute to Edgar Froese:

I've been very sad when I heard the bad news about Edgar's passing on the way back from my holidays.
The "Big Boss" as I called him over all the years has left this planet.
So many pictures immediately came to my mind. Experiences on the stage, in the studio or
simply private conversations and joking with this guy who tried to persuade me once - as cool as a cowboy - that he could even do a slide over 4!!! octaves on the guitar!
Even though our musical ways parted last year due to financial disagreement I still respected Edgar very much and continue to be thankful for my time with TD.
I will always keep him in good memory.
Who knows... if there's something like reincarnation, a topic which Edgar and I often talked about
we will maybe meet again someday somewhere somehow and who knows.. maybe rock together again! I'm definitely looking forward to that!
Rest in peace, "Master of Knobs"...