Vivaldi Metal Project: Add a new vocalist to the project.

The Vivaldi Metal Project have added another great new vocalist to the project . They have announced that Bulgarian metal singer Maria Diese will be adding her voice to the album. Here's how VMP describe Maria:

Maria Diese is a metal singer from Bulgaria. She sings in various band since 1998. After 2006 she is in the PERPETUUM MOBILE (vocals, lyrics, compositions, and management) behind the power metal band RAMPART.
Maria shared the stage with SCANNER, SUSPERIA, ARKONA, BLAZE BAYLEY, WITCHBURNER, CRIPPER, GODSLAVE, HATE, GUARDIANS OF TIME, PICTURE, LONEWOLF, METAL WITCH, WIZARD, and many more. Her participation in festivals and clubs extends from United Kingdom to Belarus. 
Maria’s vocal range is contralto to alto. She recorded four albums with RAMPART. Currently the career of her band is supported by Wacken Foundation.