Alex Argento: New interview published.

A new interview with exceptional keyboard player and sound engineer Alex Argento has been published on the koktebel-jazz website. Below is an extract:

— You're a reknown keyboard player and a sound engineer. What do you prefer most and why?
— To be honest, I don't have any preference. I love to produce music the same way I love to play. Nowadays I actually do a lot of mixing and recording sessions in my studio and few live shows, so let me put it this way; I would like to play more live.
— Tell us about your collaboration with Virgil Donati.
— Well, everything started back in 2008 thanks to Virgil's webmaster — Chris Nalbandian — who introduced me to him and gave him a copy of my first solo album "EGO".
I must say I was really nervous to get some feedback from Virgil, I was and still I am his huge fan of his. His album OTV — Serious Young Insects is a true masterpiece. Quite some time had passed before he had the time to listen to my album, but I still remember that memorable day when he wrote me his first e-mail. In his message he told me that he was impressed with my record. He wanted to meet with me. It's really difficult to describe what I felt that day! I remember sweating after reading his email…
First time I met him was back in 2009, when Virgil came to my hometown Palermo with a master class. We spent two great days together talking about music and future projects. Same year he invited me to join a new project "Underworld" together with guitarist Kee Marcello (Europe) and Steve Augeri (Journey) on vocals. We've started to work on the first four tracks but after a while the project was stopped and we put everything in the drawer.
We didn't have any other chances to work together until In 2011 when Virgil started working on his solo album "In This Life" he invited me to record only one track. At the end I've recorded 7 tracks out of 10. He must have really liked my playing or rather my vision of his music. When it was a time to mix the album, after a brief discussion I asked him for a chance to do it. At the end the job was mine. It was an honor for me to take care of the entire production of the album and, as you can imagine, a big responsibility.
Today we are working on two new projects. First is a brand new band with vocals, together with my pals Marco Sfogli on guitar and Andrea Casali on bass/vocals. Second is dealing with his next solo album which will be "orchestral-oriented"… I can't tell you more for now.
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