Genesis: New interview with Mike Rutherford published.

Genesis' bassist Mike Rutherford has been interviewed by Joe Vallee for the website. Below is an extract from the interview:

Joe Vallee: Your new book, The Living Years: The First Genesis Memoir, was recently released. What can Mike Rutherford fans as well as Genesis fans expect from the book when reading it?
MR: An insight into the band. In a way, the early days were more important and more fun. The story is about the setting of Genesis from the beginning, against that huge change in the UK, from old fashioned values, to this left turn which we made. The type of music in the UK with the Beatlesand the Who and the Stones, that’s exciting music, really.
JV: I have to get a Genesis question in here for some of our fans. You’re actually playing a few Genesis songs on this tour. It seems that Phil Collins’ health appears to be up and down, as he was even forced to cancel a performance several months ago. Is this the main concern in regards to the possibility of touring again with the band?
MR: First off, we had a great time doing the documentary last year. There are no plans, let’s put it that way, but we remain good friends. Phil is now in New York and he’s moved to a better place. Hopefully, I’ll see him there and we’ll catch up. Who knows? We don’t for certain.
JV: There always seems to be a great camaraderie with you guys and you seem to keep things pretty loose, judging from all the interviews I’ve seen with the band over the years.
MK: I like it that way. I think the documentary, archive collection and the book have been a nice way for the whole band to look back and remind ourselves what a great time we had, really.
JV: How excited are you to be back again touring in the US?
MR: Very. A large part of my life has been touring the states. I’ve seen mostly all of America, and I miss it. I  haven’t been there for most of the last few years. I’m so excited about it. I think the fans will like having two lead singers in Andrew (Roachford) and Tim (Howar). It’s very energetic. We’ve become a real sort of live band. It’s fun. It’s very upbeat.
JV: Any particular songs you’re looking forward to playing live? 
MR: Always ‘Silent Running,’ and I’m a big fan of ‘All I Need Is a Miracle.’  That always gets the crowd going.
JV: Any plans for another Mike + The Mechanics album?
MR: I’ve got about half of the songs written that we’ve been working on. I think during the tour and sound checks we can rehearse them and maybe do a song during a show and see how it works live, get a taste of what we’ve got, and maybe finish them off and do an album.
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