Haken: Post new bass player Conner Green's audition video to YouTube.

Progressive metal band Haken have posted the following:

Our incredible and invisible website master Jeroen Moons (and his equally awesome brother) came up with this fun idea to pick a 'Cover of the Week' each week! If anyone finds any cool covers of our music then let us know and we'll consider it for next week's edition of 'Cover of the Week'!!
This week's winner has got to be Conner Green's amazing rendition of 'Because It's There'. It was around this time last year when Mr. American Green flew all the way over to the United Kingdom of London just to audition for the band! Absolutely crazy dedication! It's a good job we already heard this cover because his live audition was terrible! Only joking! This guy continues to blow us away and we're so chuffed he stuck around to play bass for us. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Conner CeeLo Green!