Jon Anderson: Posts message post sinus surgery.

Progressive rock icon Jon Anderson has posted the following message post surgery to his sinuses:

Hi Peeps, you wonderful peeps, everything went great, Dr Suh was very pleased and did a great job, home are my thoughts for you, sent with love and 'light'..
IT was a year ago that I first started to sing with Jean Luc, the first words were, 'One is all you really need , One is everything'...and the last words three months later were 'Seems like we opened the door to the earth and it's song....more than the Angels we hear more than imagination we sing, soul is the space that we walk only now rest in heavenly love, must listen, must listen,'...
Years ago I was given a book, 'The Radiant Healing Symphony' by a Mr Roland Hunt'...
Surprisingly, I couldn't put the book down, for it contained a labyrinth of information about the 'Mystic' World we live in , and through the correct lyrical dance I was to understand that from a very early age I was connected to a far greater realization of truth, it truly astounded me in so many directions....was I being lead into a truly extraordinary place of understanding, a far reaching connection with what I now know as 'All That Is'..
First there was the music, then the lyric, as far as I can remember I sang to myself songs I had never heard before, so when the time came in my life to repeat them and bring them into my immediate world, there I was lo and behold a 'musician' surrounded by fellow dreamers, Yes, it was all true.
As Roland Hunt would say, there are no accidents only guidelines to the next adventure, there is a 'Time and a Word', and the word is 'love' is all that is everything, in the context of 'And You and I', that being the framework of a larger concept, we are 'One' and we are connected , completely and utterly connected to our understanding of 'Mother Earth, 'And how we True forget the making of the mystic world, and how we too forget the making of the perfect life, ' That that is, That that is, so full of dreams and confusion the writer would listen,
'I see it all in the Rhythm of Time'...
So here we are, soldiers of time, dreamers of the modern age, looking over our shoulders at the truth to Mother Earth, for now in the grasp of our realization we are truly learning to 'Dance with Nature'..and through this new musical adventure we co-create with the dream of understanding, 'Time, Time, Time heals real life, and the scars that descend upon you, and how we too forget the making of the perfect life 'That That is' That That is' full of dreams for forever the writer would Listen.'
It is a constant flow of musical and lyrical creation that I find myself in, it's as if I'm being wound up like a Time Lord. to be able to time travel, and musically trance myself into a state of perfect contemplation surrounded by musical dreamers again and again....for here we are 'One' with the promise of 'Life Everlasting' and that promise is true, the here and now , for we are eternal beings, ready and capable of living with no limitations, ' Only now rest in heavenly love'...must Listen, must Listen.
Jon Anderson....February 2015