Jon Anderson: To undergo surgery on his sinuses.

Former Yes frontman Jon Anderson is to have a sinus operation, he’s confirmed.
He’s been having issues since November, making it hard for him to sing and causing him to cancel a handful of live dates. He remains in good spirits and thanks fans for their support, insisting he’ll be back playing live later this year.
Anderson – who cannot play the violin – jokes: “I will be better very soon. I was told by my specialist at UCLA that I will be a different person after the operation. I said, ‘Will I be able to play the violin?’ He said, ‘Yes, of course.’ I thought, ‘Now that's cool.’”
Anderson has been working in a new group with jazz-fusion violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. The Anderson Ponty Band also features guitarist Jamie Dunlap, keyboardist Wally Minko, bassist Baron Browne and drummer Rayford Griffin.
They launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund an album which is due to land later this year.
Last month Anderson issued an audio documentary in which he explored the musical journey of his life. In the 40-minute piece, he revealed he was inspired by classical composers including Mozart, Delius and Greig.