Leah: Another track from new album Kings And Queens posted to YouTube.

Celtic/metal crossover artist Leah has posted another of the tracks from her new album Kings And Queens to YouTube. The track is called Palace Of Dreams and here is Leah's description of the track:

Track #9 is "Palace of Dreams" 
I often make up little stories or plot lines to inspire lyrics.
🃏This song is a story about an evil tyrant (the Usurper, "Tyranus es") who has put a spell over the Kings and Queens of the land. He has been working in the shadows to set up a one-world dictatorship for many centuries. This usurper character only works through secret societies, dirty politics, the media and the naive masses. He is always hiding in the shadows, but presents his insidious ideas as wonderful solutions to the rest of the world through his deceived, but loyal subjects. Because the Kings and Queens of the land are under his spell, they also deceive their own sub-kingdoms and all who will listen to them. They believe the Usurper has the answers they need to end their problems and support his idea to reign from a round tower that reaches to the heavens, which he wants to call "The Palace of Dreams". Despite the Usurper's greatest attempts to re-build this tower which was previously destroyed (that's another story for another time), he knows he is destined for failure, and it's just a matter of time. A few faithful, underground commoners remember how to break the spell, and work to spread the word, though it might mean their life. As the people of the lands begin to hear these small whispers about the truth, the spell begins to break and cracks in the beloved, unfinished tower become increasingly bigger and more obvious to the rest of the kingdom. After a while, all the Usurper's secrets are out and the people of the kingdom find out about the cursed spell that has bewitched their Kings and Queens, their lands, and their kingdom.
The story isn't finished yet,
but perhaps in the future there will be a Part 2...