Leah: Posts final song from Kings And Queens to YouTube.

Celtic/metal crossover artist Leah has posted the following:

I hope you all have enjoyed listening to these tracks and hearing a little bit about the songs -- it was a pleasure to share them with you. My one request is that if my music resonates with you in any way, please share it (and a big THANK YOU to the many of you who do!!). 
Here is the last track of "Kings & Queens", the bonus rock version of Siúil a Rún.

It's a traditional Irish song I originally heard by the band, Clannad. The song is allegedly about a woman lamenting over her Irish lover who is given a choice by the English to either join the army or be exiled forever. I don't think the Irish liked tyranny much. So she supports his decision to leave. Of course there are many versions of the song, but it makes for good folk music smile emoticon