Leah: Posts more tracks from new album Kings And Queens to YouTube.

Celtic metal crossover artist Leah has posted two more of the tracks from  her  new album Kings And Queens to YouTube. Here's how she describes them:

Track #5 is "In the Palm of Your Hand"
About this song:
This was the last song I wrote for this album, by accident. Some of my favorite songs have been written this way.
The theme of this song is to do with surrender, standing for truth no matter the cost, even if it means your reputation. The song ends with triumph in the end because your conscience is clear and you know you stood for the right thing.

Track #6 is "Alpha et Omega"
"This song was written a number of years back, and I've always wanted to make it heavy. I knew there was potential, so when Timo and I worked together on this, I was really happy with the outcome smile emoticon
The lyrics are taken straight out of the Latin Vulgate. I am not fluent in Latin, nor do I normally read the Vulgate, but sometimes one just gets tired of singing in English. So I decided to try something fun and I chose a theme about the 'Beginning and the End' pertaining to themes of water.
The first instrument you hear is not an electronic beat, but a Celtic Bodhran drum!