Pain Of Salvation: Release an official video for Falling Home.

Pain Of Salvation have issued a video for Falling Home, the title track of their recent acoustic album.
It was released in November via InsideOut and contains new versions of some of the band’s classic tracks, plus covers of Dio’s Holy Diver and Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.
Mainman Daniel Gildenlow says of the video: “I started last year with four months in the hospital, battling flesh eating bacteria, and somehow managed to bounce back to see myself playing Vegas dressed in a rabbit suit.
“It felt perfect to end the year knee-deep in snow on Iceland, shooting in a blizzard, with a dead coyote draped over my freezing shoulders. I mean, who would have guessed a few years back that it would turn out to be one of the more normal situations of my year?”
“We threw ourselves into this video, whole-heartedly and passionately, and I think anyone watching it will feel that.”