Savatage: New eBook details the making of debut album Sirens.

A new one-dollar short ebook tells the story of the making of SAVATAGE's 1983 debut album "Sirens".

Author Martin Popoff rates the album highly. "The metal class delivered, in 1983, at least three of the genre's greatest records, 'Kill 'Em All', 'Melissa' and 'Sirens', the latter, by our band at hand, Florida's SAVATAGE," says Popoff. "It's a highly professional debut record of frightening skill and authority."

Popoff's ebook celebrates "what is perhaps the finest indie album ever bestowed upon the world of heavy metal, through the words of all four of the record's magic makers."

"Many metal purists would say the band never bested 'Sirens', although 'Streets: A Rock Opera' from 1991 is considered a prog metal classic on par with the likes of QUEENSRĊ¸CHE's 'Operation: Mindcrime'. Place this writer firmly in the 'Sirens' camp."

"Ye Olde Metal: Savatage's Sirens" is available as a short ebook in PDF, mobi and ePub formats from link textZunior, and ePub format from iTunes.