Steve Hackett: Answers fan questions.

Legendary progressive rock guitarist Steve Hackett has been answering question put to him by the fans. Check out his responses below:

Latest questions and answers from Steve,
cheers Steph Kennedy

1)Jorge Ivan Izaguirre
Hi Master. I am waiting for songs like " The Aircondition Nightmare!
Hi Jorge,
I will play several songs from my past on tour soon...
2)Mark Calver 
Steve, I have seen you live (in London), although that was years ago now. I don't live in the city area any more, which has only one down-side to it - I don't get to see acts like you now (You'd never consider playing Hastings, would you? - all they ever have on at the White Rock Theatre is 'tribute bands' and so-called 'comedians' who's only claim to fame is that they perform regularly at the White Rock).
Hi Mark,
The areas are decided mainly between the agent and promotors, but I'll mention it to them. Hastings is a nice place. My wife Jo was born there!
3) Dragan Grbić Oh, Steve, you are probably not aware about your fan base in Serbia. We are still awaiting for that big concert in Belgrade...
Hi Dragan,
That's great... I'll mention it to my agent. I enjoyed visiting Serbia and I played there a couple of times a few years back with the Hungarian band Djabe.
4) (In reference to gig in iceland)
Árni Steingrímsson It was amazing to see you live on stage in my home country and absolutely fantastic to get the chance to meet with you and your lovely wife and have a chat at Harpa, so thank you Steve for a wonderful week and pls come back in the near future
Arni from the Genesis tribute band in Iceland
Hi Árni,
Thank you! It was good to meet you all too and I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I hope to return again sometime soon and see you again then...
5) Marino Gudmundsson Thanks for the concert, it was great but I had hoped you would play the Lamia with Thorvaldur on the other guitar ��

Hi Marino,
Yes, that would sound wonderful! Glad you enjoyed the show...
6) John Withill Did it get recorded ??????/
Hi John,
I believe so...
7) Alvaro Toledo Cordova Nice place, Steve. But I want to recomend a great place that you must to visit. Is one of the New7Wonders of the World and is at my country: Machu Picchu. Your music would sound incredible in this place where the magnetism and mystical join forces
Hi Alvaro,
I would love to play in Peru and will again let my agent know...
8) Elaine Wilson Hi steve please please consider coming to australia! I miss your gigs.. used to see you in the uk
Hi Elaine,
I will play in Australia as soon as it is possible! It all depends on promotors...

9) Patricia D. Parker
Thank you for sharing your story here Steve and I am a long-time lover of wolves and all they stand for. Thank you, also, for giving some helpful information on wolves, helping to educate people on these beautiful creatures. My favorite place for my fix of wolves is: Wolf Park in Battleground, IN, USA. Perhaps when you tour the USA again, you might want to check it out. Can't wait to hear the new music!

Hi Patricia,
Thank you! Yes it was amazing to spend a day with the wolves. They are extraordinary creatures... I'll check out Wolf Park if poss...

10) Susan M. Alexander Wolves are such beautiful animals. A good friend of mine had rescued a dog that was half Alaskan Malamute and half wolf. She was beautiful! I used to hug her every time that I visited. I only found out later after she had passed that she only allowed two people hug her--her owner and me. She didn't bark; she howled and that sound was bone chilling. She was a sweetheart.
Hi Susan,
Yes, I found the wolves I met really affectionate too. Thanks for sharing your special story.
11) Pete Barrachina
Steve when you come back to the USA you need to go to the Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz Pennsylvania. It's real cool and they have guided tours
Hi Pete,
I'll check out the Wolf Sanctuary you mention if I can... Looking forward to returning to the USA later this year.
Many thanks to everyone.
With my warmest wishes,