Tangerine Dream: About upcoming releases, Edgar's book and the future of the band.

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Hi Guys,
Our sorrow is deep. Of course you can imagine how we feel - without Edgar....
Thanks very much for thousands of condolences and all your honest and heartfelt words. We all were overwhelmed by this immense echoe. For most of us Edgar was more than a musician and a componist, he was the father of electronic music.
We all miss him very much.
As many of you are asking us questions now, we like to give you some answers:
- So far everything will go on concerning our EASTGATE SHOP and further RELEASES.
- The band is carefully beginning to think about how and if it will go on.
- The band will perform a tribute concert for Edgar, that's for sure. No further details so far.
- Besides the band will compose a tribute album for Edgar.
- Bianca, Edgar's wife, working together with Edgar closely on the EASTGATE label for many years, will continue Edgar's legacy in dignity and in memory of Edgar's exceptional personality - she and the band will be soon developing some ideas for the future to let the Dream continue, at least a little Dream.....
- The autobiography of TD/Edgar will also be continued by Bianca and she will add some more special chapters as well. This takes time and we like to ask you to give her this time. At any rate there will be a compact and fascinating book in about several months.
- The new albums, SUPERNORMAL - THE AUSTRALIAN CONCERTS 2014 and BOOSTER VII will be in stock by tomorrow and shipping can be started now. You will receive a wonderful XL-BOOKLET with the SUPERNORMAL album with beautiful pics from Edgar and the band in Australia - a great memory of the last tour of TANGERINE DREAM....
- The MP3 DOWNLOADS of both new albums will be online in our download shop until the weekend.
R.I.P. Edgar, we love you!
We will keep you updated on more news soon,
best regards,