Vivien Lalu: Answers the question "What happened to OrKeystra (Lalu3)?".

French composer and keyboard player Vivien Lalu has posted the following message:

'Dear fans/friends/curious listeners
Many of you asked news about 'Orkeystra', the 3rd LALU album...well, I gifted the domain name ( to my good friend Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater for his OrKeystra project and it was a real honor. I've decided to change the name of the album and leave Orkeystra to Jordan (he asked nothing, it was my own decision).

Right now I am busy producing Elina Laivera's debut album 'Kaleidoscope', but I don't forget the LALU project! I will share exciting news with you soon (by the way, it will be 10 years since ONIRIC METAL in March) but I wanted to let you know about the whole 'Orkeystra' thing, to make it clear...I will announce the name and details of the new album soon! Keep posted & play Oniric Metal loud next month if you can wink emoticon