Glass Hammer: Post second video teaser for new album.

Glass Hammer have launched another teaser for 17th album The Breaking Of The World – and co-founder Steve Babb has explained the “optimistic darkness” that inspired the work.
The follow-up to Ode To Echo is available for pre-order now and shipping begins on March 31.
The title is taken from a JRR Tolkien quote – but the band have said the album is “no work of fantasy.”
Babb tells Prog: “Lyrically it’s dark at time, but the humour is ever-present in songs like Third Floor. Our approach to lyrics has often been compared to the writings of GK Chesterton. It’s his optimistic pessimism to which these critics are referring, I think. So yes, it is dark – but optimistically dark!"
He adds: “Musically, this is a much more aggressive album than previous efforts. Very proggy in a traditional way, but we are expanding the sound in many directions. In that regard it is perhaps a continuation of something we began on Ode To Echo.