Jerome Froese: Posts about the his future and the future of Loom and Tangerine Dream.

Jerome Froese (solo, Loom, ex-Tangerine Dream and son of Edgar Froese) has posted the following message:
Hey survivors wink emoticon,
sorry about my disappearance for almost a month but I went through a lot of hassle lately, which unfortunately isn't over yet. However, many circumstances beyond my control have forced me to postpone ongoing projects, so they will be behind schedule for some time. Nevertheless, I am now back in the studio working out my/our current musical plans. Well, of course I'll let you know how things are progressing. Just a few notes for now ...
Regarding my own stuff: First part of the "Orange Sized Dreams" Compilation (1990 - 1995)" on is already sold out on CD and will only be available through digital distribution (soon). I'm currently working on the the second part (period 1996 - 2000). Fourth solo album and other projects are TBA at the moment.
Regarding LOOM: We had a meeting last week and we're very optimistic to finish our second studio album in late spring / early summer 2015. We'll also try to arrange one or two live shows in Berlin (and probably some other cities) this year but most likely not before September/October 2015.
Regarding Tangerine Dream: In the past I got asked so many times if I would carry on the TD torch or if I would continue with TD when Edgar retires and so on and my answer was always: NO!
And I'll keep it that way. Therefore, I won't support (or merge with) any kind of wannabe lineups, not now nor in the future. No tributes, no reunions, no further concerts under the name "Tangerine Dream".
People who know me in person also know that "opportunism" and "chumming up" are characteristics that I deeply abominate.
Tangerine Dream was my Dad and my Dad is dead and so is Tangerine Dream. It's that simple and it was bound to happen one day.
Thanks for listening, see you soon!
Best, Jerome
Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.