Lifesigns: Keyboard player John Young to start a pledge campaign to re-issue solo albums.

Progressive rock band Lifesigns have posted the following message:

John Young Solo CDs

Quite a few people have been asking about the older material and sadly both Significance and Life Underground are now out of stock. As such I've decided to do a pledge campaign to re-stock both titles and I hope that those of you who support Lifesigns so wholeheartedly will join with me in this venture. I hope to give them a new lease of life with new artwork from Brett Wilde and a quick tweak in the studio too. Life Underground was my first toe in the solo song-writing waters and as such I think it was only ever available on CD-r! 
Significance was quite an emotional work and was dedicated to my Aunty Doris who worked for the Save the Children Fund on the front line in Vietnam, Korea, Suez and other war zones around the world. As she once said to me 'I never married...but I had more children than anyone else!' she was a shining example to us all and I'm very proud to have known her.