Lifesigns: Post update about new live DVD

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DVD Progress

As promised, the shooting of the DVD took place over two nights at Under the Bridge in Chelsea, London on January 22nd and 23rd. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and make new friends from the UK, USA and all over Europe. What a couple of nights we had! That said, this is only half the battle. Next thing is that Paul Shammasian will be working on the video editing, while Steve works on the audio; with more than a little interference from the rest of us!
Video editing is well underway, but the audio will take a little longer due, in the main, to the other commitments we all have. Lifesigns is very much a labour of love so we try and fit it in as best we can; hoping that one day it will become our day job :-) 
Audio editing is likely to take place shortly after the Marillion Convention show and I hope we can keep you updated with pictures and maybe the odd snippet! 
For those of you who ordered merchandise (T-shirts,CDs etc) on the pledge page, practically all of this has now been delivered. The only items waiting to go are the DVDs themselves and the drum heads... plus I think Frosty owes a drum lesson!