Marillion: Steve Hogarth to host Prog Magazine radio show this weekend with Richard Barbieri.

Marillion's vocalist Steve Hogarth has posted the following message:

It will be my great pleasure to host Phil Wilding's Prog Magazine show this coming Saturday and Sunday. A privilege made moreso by my co-DJ, none other than synthesizer genius Richard Barbieri who's noises you may have heard as fundamentals within the music of Japan and Porcupine
Tree. I'll be playing a few prog obscurities along with some trans-genre hits - all outstanding tracks from my favourite artists from a time when you actually had to make art to be called an artist! If you haven't made it to Marillion's weekend convention in Holland this weekend (where my body will actually be!) then console yourself at the DAB radio with Richard and I. You might even be able to get Richard's trivial pursuit questions right which I so pitifully failed!
Love, Prog and Dab!
Mr h