Panic Room: Post about their new acoustic album.

Progressive rock band Panic Room have posted the following message:

Hi everyone!

Guess what??…. We're about to make an Album!!! 

Thanks to the AMAZING support of Panic Room fans from all around the world, our first-ever Kickstarter campaign has been a massive success - and we can now begin recording a stunning Acoustic Album for you! 
This unique album will feature stripped-back but powerful acoustic versions of many favourite Panic Room tracks, drawn from all 4 Award-Winning albums.

The Kickstarter page is still going strong - you can pledge for one of our exciting album packages Here!:

...Even though we have reached & exceeded our target of £8,000 - which was the minimum we needed to raise for this album to be possible - it would be Amazing if we could keep on climbing higher!  
Each pledge represents a 'pre-order', and every day it's a huge buzz for us to see your new orders coming in, and to feel that exited support from you all! :oD

If you haven't pledged already, please check out the link below for more info?
- You can choose from a simple Cd, a Deluxe Edition with added DVD of studio footage, or all kinds of exciting packages including bonus items like handwritten lyrics, exclusive 'pledger' T-shirts, and a glossy studio PhotoBook!

There are still 14 days left to pledge! And it looks possible that we might even double the original target…!?! 
Which would be EPIC.  (And it'd show the world how great our fans - the Roomies - really are!!!)

Meanwhile, since the project is now guaranteed (after hitting its target on the first weekend ;o)….
We will be hitting the Studio tomorrow, and making a start on the album!!!

We'll be sending you updates from the studio, 
and making regular posts on our Facebook & Twitter pages: