Picture Palace Music: Compilation album ReVision now available as a download.

Picture Palace Music, the band led by Tangerine Dream's Thorsten Quaeschning, have posted the following message:

Sirs, Madams, "Freunde der Nacht" we added our album "ReVision" - Electronic Post Rock - the first Decade - to our DOWNLOAD-Section



for FLAC-file-download please visit "Groove Unlimited"::

Sleepwalking Marathon (is not Olympic) - (Unpredictable ConSequences)
Right of Ascension (ReVision Mix) - (Midsummer)
Speaking Stillness In The Rose-Flushed-Snow (ReVision Mix) - (Indulge The Passion)
Array of fadin´ flowers - (Symphony For Vampires)
Realm of Possibilities - (Unpredictable ConSequences)
Demeter-Morph - (Symphony For Vampires)
Beatific Vision (ReVision Mix) - (Indulge The Passion)
Metropolis Theme - (Metropolis Poetry)
The End Of The End Of Everything - (Symphony For Vampires)
M-Device - (Metropolis Poetry)
Confusion as Souvenir - (Letters from Libya)
Giant´s Dance On Air (ReVision Mix) - (Remnants)
Risk Pool - (Natatorium)
Moon Dial -(Natatorium) / (Remnants)
Midsummer´s Day (ReVision Mix) -(Midsummer)