Rush: Receive Allan Waters Humanitarian Juno Award.

On Saturday, March 14, Canadian rock legends RUSH received the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award at the 44th annual Juno Awards in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The honor is given to "outstanding Canadian artists whose contributions have positively enhanced the social fabric of Canada," according to the Juno Awards web site.

RUSH's longtime manager Ray Danniels, founder of Anthem Records, was also given the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award for his contributions to the Canadian music business.

RUSH bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee "gratefully" accepted the award on behalf of the band, but added he felt uncomfortable receiving "an award for doing something that you should do."

In a recent interview with, RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson stated about the latest nod: "It's really nice to get this acknowledgement, but honestly, this is something that's just a duty for everyone. Lots of people are generous and do things like this, and it's the right thing, I think, when you're in a position to help those who are needy or less fortunate. Then it's kind of our duty as human beings to do that, and it's not a big deal. I can't remember [certain details] because I don't really think about it."