Synaesthesia: Begin recording second album tomorrow.

IQ's record label Giant Electric Pea have posted the following message:

"Synaesthesia begin the recording process for their new album 'Vox Humana' early in March.
Adam Warne: "From the beginning, we wanted this second Synaesthesia album to be themed around a specific concept. We took the rough ideas and decided to write out a full character-based story for the album. After that the music and lyrics came naturally with a story to focus on. We've spent the best part of the past year working on this concept and developing the album - we really wanted to take our time with the process to ensure the best results. Now we're really looking forward to putting it all together in the studio – more details to follow soon..."
Mike Holmes of IQ will once again be in the producer's chair, and of course its all taking place at Aubitt Studios in Southampton with engineer extraordinaire Rob Aubrey twiddling the knobs."
Tomorrow (March 2nd) is our first day of studio sessions for 'Vox Humana'. We plan on keeping everyone informed on the latest information and updates from the studio and plan on doing teaser clips on our YouTube channel. Keep your eyes peeled... Here we go!