The Gentle Storm: Arjen Lucassen posts about recent acoustic tour.

Multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen has posted the following message about his recent acoustic tour  as The Gentle Storm with Anneke van Giersbergen:

A big thanks to everyone who came to see Anneke and me on our acoustic tour! It was truly an emotional roller coaster ride for this hermit. The 11 shows went very well and lots of venues were actually sold out, the audiences were absolutely fantastic and gave us the warmest welcome we could wish for. The chemistry between Anneke, me and the crowd felt just perfect. However ... I’m afraid this doesn't necessarily mean I’m going to take up touring again. I’m not sure yet if the advantages (seeing the crowd’s happy faces, meeting them and of course the playing) outweigh the disadvantages (travelling, lack of sleep, endless waiting, back pain and anxiety). I must say that Anneke definitely pulled me through this, she’s so positive and optimistic and a true professional! And of course the enthusiastic reactions of the audiences helped too, I’m truly honored and moved. In the end I’m glad I did it, and am actually kinda proud of myself smile emoticon I hope you will all enjoy The Gentle Storm album and the upcoming shows!