Amberian Dawn: Start work on a new album.

Finnish symphonic metallers AMBERIAN DAWN have commenced work on a new studio album, to be released via Napalm Records. AMBERIAN DAWN's co-producer Mikko P. Mustonen is working with singer Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen and the band's composer Tuomas Seppälä on the vocal arrangements for the new songs.

Commented Tuomas: "The new album is going to be the most vocal-driven one in AMBERIAN DAWN's history.

"This album continues the style which 'Magic Forest' started and takes it even further. Very melodic stuff coming up."

He continued: "I just realized that I've written over 60 songs for AMBERIAN DAWN during these years and it's really amazing to realize that I haven't lost 'the flame' to do this.

"I feel like reborn with each and every AMBERIAN DAWN album.

"This album is going to be the best so far, no doubt of it!!"

AMBERIAN DAWN is also introducing new bass player Jukka Hoffren, a very experienced and talented Finnish musician who has previously played with ADAMANTRA, EPICRENEL and RAGGED SAINTS.

"Now it's official!" says Tuomas. "Jukka isn't actually so new with us. He played all the bass parts on our previous album, 'Magic Forest', as a session player. Now everyone will have a chance to meet Jukka on our next gig which is held on 22th of April in Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland."