Kamelot: Review of new album Haven published.

The Overall Loudness website has published a review of the new Kamelot album Haven. It was written by Ruben Borger and an excerpt is given below:

Kamelot’s recent line-up change has probably been one of the most shocking moments for the band’s fans. Signature vocalist Roy Khan has left gigantic shoes for Tommy Karevik to fill. This second record with Karevik behind the microphone could be a turning point in the band’s career. ‘Haven’ might even mark the beginning of a new Kamelot era.
So now for the real deal! ‘Haven’ has been explicitly written to match Karevik’s voice, which turned out amazing. This is the reason that many people were excited with the Seventh Wonder microphone man. Roy Khan was, and is, a good vocalist, but Tommy Karevik has proven that he can do so much more. He does the older tracks brilliantly live, but adds his own vocal delights as well.With the last record dating back to 2012 it was high time for the band to bring the world some new music. When, in 2011, former vocalist Roy Khan made the final decision to leave the band to be with his family in Norway, ‘Silverthorn’ was as good as written. Main writer, and guitarist, Thomas Youngblood wrote this album with Khan’s voice in his head, while in the end Karevik was appointed the new vocalist.
‘Haven’ is the best possible outcome to the expectations on the new vocals and everything that passed. This does mean that the band has chosen a different direction, a somewhat more modern sound. Most tracks on the new release aren’t typical Kamelot songs, as far as you can call it that way.
With the single ‘Veil Of Elysium’ being the only song that could entirely be compared to the older work.
What an album! I couldn’t have wished for anything better than ‘Haven’. Kamelot have reinvented themselves, without losing their very essence. The sound has become somewhat more modern, while the vocal work of Tommy Karevik is spot-on the entire time. When the tunes of the short closing track ‘Haven’ fade away, all that’s left is a triumphant feeling. They nailed it again, but in an entirely different way. Kamelot has taken the next step and it has been in the best direction possible!
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