Perge: Review of Matthew Stringer's The Second Sun published.

The Synth & Sequences blog spot has published a review of the new solo album, The Second Sun, by Perge's Matthew Stringer. it was written by Sylvain Lupari and a couple of excerpts are given below:

The least we can say is that Matthew Stringer is to Perge what Johannes Schmoelling was to Tangerine Dream. And the correlation doesn't stop there! Real sonic window on a work undertaken in 2009 with Your World is but One, “The Second Sun” is a wonderful album where EM gets rid of its etiquette in order to intoxicate us with melodious perfumes of melancholy. An album where synths are sculpting some very harmonious solos, where the sequences weave rhythms always drawn from the influences of the Dream and where the piano ofStringer flirts with that of Schmoelling with a fascinating complicity to create two parallel universes which always eventually join.

As it's impossible to keep silent the similarities between Perge and Tangerine Dream, as it's difficult to ignore the parallels between the music of Matthew Stringer and Johannes Schmoelling . And there I don't say that one is copying the other! If Perge is literally melted in the Dream, Matthew Stringer possesses an identity of his own where the influences of Schmoelling, as those of Vangelis, Pink Floyd and even of Tony Banks (Genesis), are used as base to some appealing melodious approaches which melt themselves in absolutely exhilarating sonic decorations. The strength of “The Second Sun” is its melodies, so much from the keyboards as the synths, propelled by lively rhythms, but also coated by a heavy ambiospherical envelope which weaves ambiences which can become as much intimist as the visions of his author. This is very good and that will be one of the doubtless inescapable in 2015.

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