Sound Of Contact: Reform with Dave Kerzner back in the ranks.

New progressive rock band Sound Of Contact have announced that they have reformed and are recording a follow-up album to 2013's excellent Dimensionaut. Not only that but celebrated keyboard player Dave Kerzner has also rejoin the band which is rounded off by drummer/vocalist Simon Collins (son of Genesis' Phil Collins), guitarist/bass player Matt Dorsey and guitarist/ bass player Kelly Nordstrom.

The band are currently in and undisclosed Oxfordshire studios recording new material ready for their second album, which they hope to release early next year. They are also working on various label and management options and seriously considering live dates.

Simon Collins is quoted as saying "I don't want to say if it's going to be a concept album yet but they are the holy grail for us". He also added "We're not just coming back to write the follow-up to; we're back to make as many records as we can. We hope it continues for years to come".