Steve Hackett: Answers more fan questions.

Steve's answers to your latest questions :
1) Pete Barrachina Your the best Steve ! So humble . Do you have any concert dates for the USA yet
Hi Pete,
Yes, concerts are being planned for November in the USA.

2)Robin Morton Nothing in Scotland then.
Hi Robin,
There will be gigs and also meet and greets in Aberdeen and Glasgow. Touring info is on the tour page of

3)Bill Sellers Steve what's your secret to staying so young looking?
Hi Bill,
I think it always helps to keep active, and my schedule certainly ensures that! The love of a good partner helps too - that's Jo wink emoticon

4)Mick Wilde Will Wolflight be going on Spotify soon?
Hi Mick,
I believe so, but best for you to check with the record company, Inside Out.

5)Peter Raymond Northy The definitive Steve Hackett album. Can't stop playing it! To say it's his best is all down to opinion, but I think it is Steve's best work so far. Just give it a few plays because it's a real grower. BLOODY GENIUS!!!
Thanks Peter.
I'm glad you love the album!

6) Gary Ashton Really looking forward to quite a few of these songs being given their live the moment I am loving the title track and Love Song For A Vampire.....
Thanks Gary,
I'm glad you're enjoying it all. Yes, there will be several numbers from Wolflight on tour!

7)Tony Flood Why nothing up north? Signings)
Hi Tony,
It's a hectic schedule with lots of interviews etc, so difficult to travel far from home, but we are planning meet & greets at all the shows around the country this autumn.

8) David Nieto Steve, hope you got to see Jimmy Fallon impersonate you on TheTonight Show last night.
Hi David,
Yes, I found it really funny!

9) Jacques Roeling Steve, your tourdates in october 2015 begins at October 6. You play october 2 and 3 in Holland. Who are these dates not on your website?
Hi Jaques,
These two dates are now on the website! We have to wait for final confirmation before posting dates on the website.
Many thanks everyone!
Warmest wishes to all,