Steve Hackett: Answers more questions posed by the fans.

Progressive rock legend Steve Hackett has answered more questions posed by his fans:

1. Denny Calace
Will the album be available on spotify?
Hi Denny,
I believe it will be on spotify shortly.
2. John Muncey
personally I am very surprised by what I have listened to so far..thinking how did he do that whilst doing all the other touring etc and hes my age..theres a lot there to think about..the vampire one ..I tried to work that must have come from some personal experience?
Hi John,
The song is symbolic of relationship abuse. Are you Pete's brother? If so, nice to hear from you. It would be great to be back in touch again. Feel free to email me via
3. David Flack
steve,how about coming down to australia.
Hi David,
I hope so! I know my agent is looking into it...
4. Fernando Muñoz Stein
Steve, on your next tour you are coming to Peru?, you have many fans here
Hi Fernando,
I hope to visit Peru soon! I hear it is a beautiful country.
5. Tasos Kopanidis
Hello Steve.. Would you please think about for a consert in Athens..!!?? Please...
Hi Tasos,
I would love to play in Athens - particularly in an ancient amphitheatre! I often come to Greece on holiday as my wife Jo and I are big fans of your country.
6. Brian Gillam
Any Irish / Northern Ireland dates planned ?
Hi Brian,
I hope so! It would be good to return to Ireland.
7. Roberto Fernando Pereira
Any thoughts in touring on Brazil?
Hi Roberto,
I played in Brazil two months ago and I hope to return again soon.
8. Luciano Puschiasis
Hi Steve, any concerts in Switzerland?
Hi Luciano,
If not in Switzerland, there will be concerts close by on the next tour. All gigs are arranged by the agent who makes the decisions. But hopefully there will be one in Switzerland soon!
9. Rudy Isztojka
Happy Easter Steve and family, when do you come back to Holland ??
Hi Rudy,
There are already two gigs in Zoetermeer, Holland advertised on the tour page of

10. Carlo Merluzzi
Happy easter; when do you come in Italia steve?
Hi Carlo,
I hope you had a good Easter too! I play in Italy in September.
11. Douglas McCowen
Steve when you coming to LA California? Can't wait. Cheers!
Hi Douglas,
I plan to play in LA in November.
12. Tor Arve Kristoffersen
Did you come to Norway in 2015?
Hi Tor,
I plan to play in Norway in September.
14. Etienne Tinant
Steve, we miss your music, when do you come back to Belgium ?
Hi Etienne,
I plan to play in Belgium in September.
15. John Ryde
Question for Steve, is there a little nod to Jeff Lynne on the new album? Congratulations too, Wolflight is excellent.
Hi John,
Not consciously, no! But I have enjoyed ELO. Glad you like the album.
16. Martyn Hollands
Steve, did you know Duncan Browne? He worked with Nick Magnus.
Hi Martyn,
Not personally, no. But I did like his work.
17. Tina Serrano
Question for Mr Hackett: any chances to play in Madrid or anywhere in Spain this year? All the best to you and Jo!! xx
Hi Tina,
I'm not sure if it's possible this year, but I really hope to soon! Love from Jo and me...
18. Mathieu Thibault
thanks for your great album ! it's a pleasure to listen to new Hackett music ! by the way, is there any chance to get an official version of your live versions of The Knife and Lilywhite lilith from your last tour ?
Hi Mathieu,
I hope so! We'll see what we can do. I'm glad you like the new album...
Many thanks to everyone.
Warmest wishes,