E-Live: Details of this year's festival revealed.

The Groove Unlimited electronic music label has posted the following message:

E-Live 2015 !!
October 24th !!
In the Enck in Oirschot!!

We are very proud to announce that after a great performance last year on E-Live 2014 as Manuel Göttsching, he will return this year with !!

Ash Ra Tempel (Göttsching/Ulbrich) !!

In 1974, Manuel set up his own Studio Roma and released his first solo album "Inventions for Electric Guitar"; recorded with just his guitar and two tape recorders. It was a break through, a masterpiece, played in one continuous uninterrupted rhythm - precise like a metronome. It manifested Manuel's signature style. (the many years of classical guitar lessons obliviously didn't hurt!) And, what a crescendo on Echo Waves!

Lutz Ulbrich joined Manuel Göttsching as second guitar player in order to perform Manuel's composition "Inventions" for the first time in December 74 in Paris, supported by church organ player John Strawn on synthesizer. This was followed by a series of concerts in France and England throughout 1975.

BUT "Inventions" was not the only programme performed by Göttsching/Ulbrich as Ash Ra Tempel. In 1975 they also played music that later was partially used for the soundtrack to the film "Le Berceau de Cristal" by French director Philippe Garrel, starring Velvet Underground singer Nico, Anita Pallenberg and Dominique Sanda.
Actually Garrel used 4 tracks, while on the CD that was released for the first time in 1993, contained 8 track.

But those 8 tracks are not the whole programme that Ash Ra Tempel (Göttsching/Ulbrich) composed, recorded and performed together back then. Here Manuel Göttsching used for the first time the Farfisa Organ, and
this is the big difference to "Inventions for electric guitar".

At E-live the fans will hear not only the 8 tracks from the album Le Berceau de Cristal , but some more music from Göttsching/Ulbrich-collaboration back in 1975 that was never released.
So don't miss this unique concert!

But we have also already booked from the UK the incredible Vile Electrodes. Last 2 years they played at Electronic Circus and where among the highlites of these festivals!! Now we can see them in The Enck in Oirschot!! If you want to be sure to have a ticket order it on time because with this line up I think we might hit the roof of 300 Tickets!! 

We hope to have the other acts soon.
Ticket information is on http://www.e-live.nl/
And yes you can start ordering tickets from today!!