E-Scape Festival: Details of festival revealed.

Electronic musician and Groove Unlimited record label owner Ron Boots has posted details of this year's E-Scape Festival which takes place this Saturday (30th May) at The Cut in Halesworth, Suffolk:

AD Music E-Scape Electronic and Space Music Music Festival

Here is the set up for E-Scape!!
And I am going to play 2 unique tracks that will only be played there and will never be done again afterwards smile emoticon It will be a special treat for those who have bought that Virtual Ticket or are comming along to see us!!

So, now is the time to get those Virtual Tickets!!
That afternoon is going to be special.
We will start of at 13.30 with Eric vd Heijden solo!
With some unique music, you don't want to miss that!!
After that comes a rocking set by FD Project!!
That is a must have.
Then after a short break I will start with some unique tracks never played before!
And after that we will switch into Morpheusz!
Where going to rock the house!! smile emoticon
And all this music is available if you buy that virtual ticket!!
What is a VT? It's an MP3 or Flac recording of the entire festival that we provide
after the event for anyone who purchases a ticket!
Visit the AD Music Shop website

After that in the evening we will have some great performances by:
John Dyson,
David Wright,
Glenn Main,
Robert Fox,
Michael Shipway,
Paul Ward
and Carys.

AD Music hope to make this annual event but it needs to be a success, so, can't make it? Then help support us and the continuation of these electronic music and space music events by purchasing a Virtual Ticket (VT).