Kamelot: Keyboard player Oliver Palotai posts from the road.

Kamelot's keyboard player Oliver Palotai has posted this amusing message from the band's current US tour:
KAMELOT 2015 TOUR - the keyboarder´s perspective -
What the hell is the keyboarder´s perspective? Why is it different? Why the f**k do I write about it? "Be happy with your 88 keys and shut up", some of you might say now. Yeah, I`m happy with my 88 keys. Very happy. 88 friends, all politically correct; black & white. And, yes, they have got some stories to tell!
As a keyboarder I am somewhere in between a drummer and a guitarist, regarding my morphological classification. I´m pretty much immobile, but not so much as Casey respectively "the drummer". I can reach, for instance, for beer bottles myself without the need of a tech. Still immobile, though, with that big device in front of me. But I like that. I can duck & hide if stuff goes wrong.
Talking about Casey (again: The Drummer), I am the one getting bombarded by that big- ass drum kit from the right without a chance to escape. Sometimes I have those brief reality- shifts and I am suddenly a soldier in the trenches of World War I, grenades exploding around me. Luckily we´re all friends nowadays, but deep inside I know Casey likes to unload his shiny artillery against this poor German somewhere besides and below him.
Talking about the present tour we rarely had so many great gigs at the very beginning. Mexico City, New York, Worcester... really powerful, people! Dragonforce helps us getting all fired up before we get on stage. Well, at least my pulse is way over the healthy level listening to them from backstage alone. They are fast!
Ok, gotta get off this computer to put my nose out into the sun. Montréal today is the first real sunny day. Made me even forgive the Canadian border patrol piling our precious gear up in one big heap to scan. I preferred the border doggies running around our bus all excited! No drugs here, hairy friends. 88 keys is all I need.