Leah: Passes 50K likes on FaceBook

Celtic/metal crossover artist Leah has posted the following message:

🙀 Wow! 50k likes on Facebook. Who knew a homeschool mom with a hundred kids could ever make music that people would actually like! I'm very honoured and kinda blown away. While I'm not making music, I'm spending time with my family, teaching my kids how to read and do math, explore the world around them, cleaning, cooking, and running my house. Family life is my main gig. But... Music is going to become an even bigger part of my life this year, and I have some cool plans I hope to share with you in the coming months. I've had to figure out how I can do this whole music industry thing without compromising my most important role. It means I have to do more from home than the average musician who is on tour and is able to meet new fans that way. It involves a little more creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, but thankfully I have the most amazing, wonderful friends & fans who also work hard to help promote my music and spread the word. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love you all!