Led Zeppelin: New book about the band's gear to be published.

"Led Zeppelin Gear: All The Gear From Led Zeppelin And The Solo Careers" is a 600-plus-page monster of a tome, filled with the instrumentation, amplification, effects and accessories that each member of LED ZEPPELIN used throughout their lifetime. Author Jeff Strawman has written the book in a chronological format, beginning with the emergence of the piece of gear was used for each member.

Chapter One, "Jimmy Page: The Grand Sorcerer", which comes from a description from Keith Relf prior to performing "Shapes Of Things" at the Anderson Theatre in New York City, New York on March 30, 1968. From a found Spanish guitar to the Martin D-28 Marquis acoustic guitar that was used by Page on his last live performance in 2011, the reader will learn about Page use of selected pieces of signature gear to create the sound he wanted.

Chapter Two, "John Paul Jones: The Groove", lets the reader learn that Jones is much, much more than just a bass guitarist. He is a multi-instrumentalist that is not afraid to pick up any instrument or have any instrumented crafted to get the music out of his head and projected out through his fingers. Jones had never stopped evolving and transforming sound and was never stuck or felt comfortable in just one genre.

Chapter Three, "John Bonham: The Thunder", chronicles a kid from the Black Country that went from rags to riches in his eighteen-year professional musical career. The world will never see another drummer with Bonham's hard-hitting, technical expertise, being able to stay slightly behind the beat, showmanship and good looks.

Chapter Four, "Robert Plant: The Lion", addresses that skinny, blond, head-strong Adonis who wanted to make it on his terms. He hasn't been linked to only just one genre of music, while still appearing current.

Chapter Five, "Three Hours Of Lunacy", discusses the gear that were used to amplify ZEPPELIN at their gigs, from the earliest days up to their last performance.

Chapter Six, "Magic Studio Days", is a song-by-song analysis of the gear that was used in the studio, both by the members of LED ZEPPELIN, as well by the engineers. Also included is a study of the tracks in each song, as well as a brief history on the songs.

"Led Zeppelin Gear" will be released in hard cover, special edition leather bound and electronic formats on October 6.

Author Jeff Strawman is the webmaster/editor of Led-Zeppelin.org and LedZepConcerts.com. He works in the information technology field by day, writer by night, and is the father of two children. He lives with his family in Des Moines, Iowa.

For more information, visit www.ledzepgearbook.com.

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