Peter Gabriel: Back catalogue released on iTunes in two bundles.

Peter Gabriel is currently working on a new studio album - but for how long, no one even tries to estimate. Meanwhile, his complete back catalogue has been rereleased on iTunes in two budles - all tracks are "mastered for iTunes".

The Round Ones

This package comes for around 100€ / 120$ / 90£ (prices vary in different countries). The first four albums all have the well knows addition to its names (i.e.Car, Scratch, Melt and Security). So is available in its special edition format with the live tracks, also Scratch My Back andNew Blood are the special edition versions, while New Blood contains Signal To Noiseas an extra track (this track can also be bought individually), but another bonus track from that session, Father, Son, is not part of the set. Ovo is part of the set as is And I'll Scratch Yours. The Live-albums are Plays Live (but only in the Highlights version), Secret World Live and Live Blood. The latest one, Back To Front: Live In London, which has been promoted as some kind of live album, is not part of the set. There are no b-sides or unreleased tracks in this package.

Moving Pictures

This bundle contains the soundtracksBirdy, Passion (The Last Temptation Of Christ) and Long Walk Home (Musik From Rabbit Proof Fence). No extra tracks from his other soundtracks are available.

This package costs ca. 25€ / 25$ / 18£.

Both bundles are only available at iTunes in most countries around the world!