Rush: Review of Tampa concert published.

The Tampa Bay Times has published a review of the recent concert by Rush in Tampa. It was written by Jay Cridlin and below is an extract:

It's a guesstimate, but scanning Tampa's Amalie Arena on Sunday night, I'd say a solid third of the sold-out crowd of 14,827 was wearing Rush T-shirts.
"It's not retro, it's original!" I overheard one T-shirted fan emphatically attest to another.
Who would doubt it? Rush's legendarily obsessive fans live and die with the band, and you just know many have a drawer full of faded tees back at home. Rush may not be cool, you see, but for 40-plus years, they've never gone out of style.
So it's no wonder they all lifted their lighters and roared with approval as the Canadian prog-rock icons walked back a four-decade career in what might be their final show ever in Florida.
This concept of this tour – likely their "last major tour of this magnitude,” the band has said – is endearingly clever: A career retrospective in reverse, starting with 2012’s Clockwork Angels and winding all the way back to 1974’s Rush. It’s an unraveling of who Rush is and how they got here, and why that matters so much to so many.
Front-loading a three-hour concert with so much new stuff can be risky – it took Rush a solid 45 minutes just to reach the '90s – but their hardest-core fans didn’t seem to mind. 
If this really is farewell, it’s a bold and creative way to go out. For lifelong fans, the memories of this last, long look at Rush will last forever. Just like those old tees.
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