Steve Hackett: Tribute album re-released in remastered form with an additional track.

In 2008, Steve Hackett released an album called Tribute, which was a Hommage to his most favorite classic composers (i.e. Bach) and which he recordrd on acoustic nylon guitars only. A detailed review about the album can be found at this link.
A bit unnoticed, a new version of the album was released earlier this week. This new 2015 version is interesting, not only because has been remastered and comes in a papersleeve design with a slightly different cover, it also contains a bonus track called Through The Trees. Steve Hackett himself says in the album's liner notes: "On this re-release of the album, I've added a new track, Through The Trees, in a waltz style as a tribute to Nature itself."
The new version is available in online stores in Europe, such as amazon-uk oramazon-fr. It's not yet available in North America and elsewhere.